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What is Bitcoin?

A new digital economy

The ‘old economy’ uses middlemen like banks and credit card companies to process transactions — slow, inconvenient and subject to hefty fees. Bitcoin was designed for the internet. It is a decentralised, peer-to-peer transaction system that was founded in 2009, building on decades of research by scientists all over the world. Bitcoin allows people and businesses to securely transact with one another directly: this means transaction that are instant, virtually free and a lot more convenient.


Merchants love Bitcoin

With extremely low transaction fees and no charge backs, both online and offline merchants love to accept Bitcoin. Currently there are tens of thousands of businesses all over the world that accept Bitcoin, and the number is growing rapidly. Some of these include large retailers like Overstock and TigerDirect, as well as payment processors like Square.


People love Bitcoin

Digital currencies like Bitcoin are changing the way people transact. People around the world are increasingly using Bitcoin to pay for their meals, order goods online, make donations or send money to friends and family. It is fast, safe and convenient.

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